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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Star Plus Drama Serial

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Written by

  • Mumtaz
  • Saba
  • Ghazala
  • Nama habib
  • Bandana
  • Vyas
  • Rajpal
  • Tiwari

Directed by:

  • Rishi
  • Kalra
  • Ram pandey

Country: India

Origin : Hindi

season: Two(2nd)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was produced by Rajan Shahi. It premiered on January 12, 2009 on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar.

Currently starts Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi, this is the fourth longest running Indian television soap opera 

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , In March 2019 starring Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma. In 2014, sharma made her television debut. Star plus is the most favourite and popular in India and in all the world.

Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai Story

Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai

Naitik and aksha, both belong to udaipur to a joint family, through arranged marriage they get married. Gradually they begin to understand after the marriage and struggle to know about each other, love each other, support each other. After some years they gave birth to a son, his name was Naksh. But in their happy life, an accident takes place and Naitik falls into a coma.

Same story is repeated which is included with the elder brother’s of Akshara. Versha and Shaurya’s best friend and they were married to each other. And daughter Ananya’’ was born. Nandini and Rashmi were the sisters of Naitik. Rashmi marries Nikhill and Nandini marries Mohit agarwal. But unfortunately they also can’t understand each other and soon separated.



After some years, Naitik totally recovered from the coma. His family was surprised and naitik started to bond with his son Naksh. And on the other side Nikhil divorced his pregnant wife Rashmi. After some time the whole family face another painful moment in the form of Gayatri’s death. In this way the whole family went into a shocking moment of their life.

But after some months, Rashmi gave birth to a daughter and she saved her daughter’s name on her mother Gayatri’s. Because her mother passed. Devyani has two children Muskan and Naman, she is divorced. So Rajshekhar’s remarried with the divorced devyani.

Naksh wins the match of football. But he was suffering from diabetes. Jasmeet and Anshuman as well as Karishma and Naman  get married to each other

Anmol was the son of Nandani. And also naitik and Akshara gave daughter Naira.

Naksh was the brother of Naira and loves his sister so much, he also bunk his school for her sister. Alok married a muskaan. But another incident that the death of mahendra pratap took place and kaveri balmes akshara for the death of mahendra pratab. So akshara and naitik move out with their children.


They relocated to South Africa in a cape town. Naksh actually from the udaipur, so he returns back to udaipur and struggles for the betterment relationship of akshara and kaveri. Because naksh thought that akshara is an innocent girl and kaveri forgave her and both went back to home. But Sameer marries the rashmi and accepts her daughter gayatri.

Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai Episodes


Tara and naksh fall in love with each other. Ranveer and Anya get married. Because of Tara’s prenup, naksh was very disappointed and broke his wedding. In the family many crashes take place and they hate shaurya but later all families accept her. But another side, family blamed her for the death of sukanya,s. She blamed very badly from all the sides and unfortunately she escaped udaipur. It was a very unacceptable condition for her, she can’t understand what all happened with her but she faced it very bravely.


Naitik and Naira live in mumbai. Kartik coincidentally  was the professor, where naira signs up. At the same time when kartik and naira get divorced, on the other side mansi and anmol get married. But after sometimes both feel that it is wrong and accept their mistake and reunite.

Naira gets a brain hammeridge and a clot is formed in her brain and she goes for surgery. Due to their unpredictable condition, Kartik remarries with her. But she thought that now could not survive after the surgery. But she was wrong and survived again.

In these days naira reported pregnancy but her husband answering the question about her pregnancy, he said that she grows the baby of mihir and questioned her about relation with mihir, naira rebuse her husband and leaves the house without informing the family. After leaving the house she meets with an accident and all the family assumes her dead.

She succeeded in her surgery and spent a happy life with Kartik because after some years she got pregnant and also kareeti became pregnant. But unfortunately, they meet with an accident and Kreeti goes into a coma. When both undergo delivery then shocking news came from hospital, naira’s baby was informed to be bead. While kareeti comes out from doma.  Bye this shocking news naira lost her memory for sometime but finally she regains her memory.

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After the death of vivaan’s, samarth marries the gayatri. And naira starts her journey in business after the heart attack of  manish’s. In this way life of naira becomes busy and kartik feels bad routine and becomes insecure about the busy life of naira. Life moves without thinking about others, it can’t stay for us, for our relations. Actually time never waits and continuously moves, this is the reality of life.

If we stay at any point but life and time never wait, never stay.


If we discuss the whole story about some years ago, naira lives in Rishikesh, an orphanage, where she meets with the kartik goenka. He was a young boy and having a positive mind, Naira was very impressed with him. Unfortunately akshara reached there and found naira with kartik. She brings her back home to an orphanage. After some time and with the struggle of kartik foe akshara, naira and her family accept her. When kartik returned to udaipur as naitik’s employee, a love triangle developed between him, naira and kartik.

Naira and kartik fall in love but naira doest accept self love about kartik.

She always ignored him, but finally kartik married naira with her baby.  And spend a happy life for many years.  Many people start jealousy when you live a peaceful and happy life, same situation with kartik and naira.

But the story now has changed because kartik has feelings for naira but on the other side gayatri have love for the kartik.  And Rose gets married to yash.

Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai cast

All the family live together and become happy but suddenly another incident takes place, naira, gayatri, and akshara have saved kartik who was kidnapped and attempted by a boy naman killed him. But he saved his life and accepted his love for naira but she was confused and ran away from him.

Soon, all the family find the naman, he was a danger for the family and hands him to the police.

When kartik accepts his love for naira and also tells her, then she refuses them but after some time naira also realizes her love for kartik and accepts it. She confesses to the gayatri for sacrificing her liv for her. Akshara was killed suddenly in a car accident by Mansi and Kartik was blamed for this accident. Kartik was gone to jail, but soon all the family realised that he was not at fault and freed him from the jail and bails him.

After a few months, naira and kartik get married in a big ceremony. But Kartik hates his step mother savarna and his father manish after the death of his mother because he blamed both his father manish and step mother savarna for the death of his mother.

On the other hand, after the investigation it was clear that Mansi is the killer and cause of akshara’s death. But for the name of their family, kartik and naira take the case report back and reconcile. Kariti and naksh married with their loves and live a happy life with each other. But many people were present, which always interfered with other people’s lives. But at the end naira moves away from kartik because savana always disheartens her  and doesn’t trust her. In this way naira and kartik get separated.


Kairav was the son, and naira lives with her son in goa. After the leaving of naira, Kartik married vedhika. Everyone supposed that naira alives and kairav is the son of naira. In spite of getting separation from each other. But soon Naira and Kartik come close to each other because Vedik realizes that they both are on the wrong path but actually they really love and can’t live without each other. So vedik realises her misbehaviour about kartik and prepares her for devorced. But the family doest agreed to accept her.

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If we define the actual story of kartik and naira, naira was a divorced girl who had a baby and lived in mumbai. Kartik  sees her at a party and falls in love. He met again on the road and ran behind her, at the end he was successful to meet her and talk and this way they met again and again and finally both fell in love. But Naira doesn’t accept her love for Kartik and ignores him.

But one day Kartik proposes to her and wants to marry, and also accepts her baby with love. After some time, they get married and start their happy life with family. because the first family doest accept naira but with the help of kartik, soon family accept her and gives their love.


Kairav and his mother naira live in goa. Kartik struggled to find naira. but he failed  to find her. Eventually vedika gets married to the kartik, because everyone learns that naira is dead. And life moves away.

On 11 september 2008, the shooting of the show began. It was placed in Rajasthan and jaipur. And this series was most popular in the season. Any way in the life of naira and kartik much changes and difficulties arrived. Their lives relocate and they live in a cape town of africa. But naksh came back to udaipur to his family.

After all the situations attempted by naira like leaving family, her husband and many close friends  she realizes all her mistakes and comes back home, back to her husband. Now Try to spend a happy life with him & family with a happy ending.


In January 2009, the series was promoted by six different sites along with Jagran solutions. And promote it with their 100% efforts. Actually a contest held in the city depends on a thousand (1000) couples which are married. But out of them just 50 selected for the events like air tests on radio and quizzes. In January 2010, without any dialogue a sequence was shot with the help of only background music. From that time , in shooting dramas many scenes were shooted without dialogue, just with the help of background music. In family crashes, akshara loves her sister very much and is motivated to face any problem in life. On the other hand nandini and naitik were friends but mohit against both of them.

In January 2013, a notice was sent from the channel for the ending of this show ‘’yeh rishta kya kehlata hai’’ because it was decreasing in that time. Requestly, the production of this team to the channel till jun 2013 and start work hard for the promotion and rating of this series.

The production succeeded in their mission and increased the ratink by leading akshara or hina khan.

In January 2017 the character of naira and kartik was promoted and ranked this season. Fire broke in the pre wedding character of kartik and naira. These characters were also much papulated on star plus.

All the seasons were very interesting, all the characters , all the people played important and famous roles in the serial. But the naira and kartik both are cute couples from all and they stay in the heart of the audience till now.


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